Milan-based SITTI is to provide VCS and ERADs to a number of Malaysian aviation facilities, including Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Centre.

As part of a commercial cooperation with Leonardo, SITTI will supply Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Centre (KL-ATCC), the local Disaster Recovery (DR) facility and the control tower at Subang with new VCSs (voice communication systems) and ERADs (emergency radio access devices).

According to SITTI, the new VCS systems are the most technologically advanced solution available on the market, fully compliant to the latest international standard in air management and control, with a focus on EUROCAE ED 137, which sets out the rules and protocols to use VoIP (voice over IP) in an air management context.

The main operational system (MOS) at Kuala Lumpur is the largest among the systems provided, with 52 new controller working positions (CWP) which give controllers full and potentially simultaneous access to almost 400 radio channels and more than 100 analogue and SIP telephone lines. The disaster recovery system is used as a contingency system when the MOS is unavailable; it has the same interface capabilities and around 40 new CWPs.

Existing SITTI TDM-VCS have been upgraded to enable integration to KL-ATCC with VoIP radio and telephone connections over the MPLS network.

The emergency radio access devices provided by SITTI will be used as last resort resources for access to remote transceivers. These devices are air traffic control terminals, designed by SITTI to ensure continuity of radio and telephone communications in the event of an emergency. Thanks to its all-in-one architecture, it is completely independent of the existing VCS network, guaranteeing reliable communication with remote devices even if the main system is out of order.

ERADs consist of an integrated operative position and associated electro-acoustical devices (PTT, microphone, loudspeaker), giving access to communication features via a 7in touchscreen panel, through which the operator can connect to any local and remote radio and telephone device.