Australia’s Newcastle Airport (NTL) has deployed SITA’s cloud-based Flex solution to reduce IT costs, boost efficiency, and improve the passenger experience.

SITA is helping Newcastle reduce IT costs and rapidly scale up its passenger processing capability, positioning it as a leading regional airport hub in Australia.

Using SITA’s cloud-based solution, SITA Flex, the airport has cut costs and the associated complexity of operations by leveraging SITA’s common use solution across its preferred devices, removing the need for more expensive certified equipment and giving control and cost savings on hardware choices.

Newcastle is the first regional airport in the world to adopt the new customised solution designed for smaller airports with fewer touchpoints. The solution standardises the hardware and support to simplify the infrastructure and improve ease of operation. SITA Flex makes the most of limited physical space, enabling airports and airlines to switch effortlessly between dedicated and shared check-in and boarding gate counters. With plug-and-play functionality, Flex eliminates the need for onsite infrastructure while ensuring complete security.  

The solution’s benefits include reducing airport costs, enabled by the simplification of infrastructure. It also allows the airport to operate in a common use environment at significantly lower expenses without sacrificing functionality.

Sumesh Patel, president, SITA, Asia Pacific, said: “We’re excited to partner with Newcastle Airport and support its ambitious growth plans. From our experience in digitising the industry – before, during, and post-pandemic – we see common issues facing highly cost-conscious regional airports, with a desire to be able to fund the types of smart digital ways of working found in larger airports.”

We will build on our position as one of the region’s economic and employment hubs, driving innovation, job growth, and commercial opportunities

Peter Cock, Newcastle Airport

Cloud technology makes the digital journey and cutting-edge IT affordable and accessible for regional airports. With leading passenger processing capabilities accessible via the cloud, airports can enable shared common use approaches cost-effectively, saving on infrastructure, space, and maintenance. They are also well-placed to embrace additional capabilities as they choose, such as self-boarding, self-bag drop, off-airport processing, and more.

Dr Peter Cock, chief executive officer, Newcastle Airport, said adopting the system is part of the broader transformation of the airport.

“Newcastle Airport is undergoing a massive transformation to optimise the passenger experience, increase efficiency and sustainability, and support tourism. “As we work to deliver the airport our Hunter Region deserves, we will soon be offering direct international flights to key trading and tourism destinations. We will build on our position as one of the region’s economic and employment hubs, driving innovation, job growth, and commercial opportunities.

“Today, we’re excited to be leading the way in digitalising airport operations with the help of SITA and look forward to continuing to innovate and improve the passenger experience.”

Image: Newcastle Airport/ Qantas