The Baggage 360 software is based on a platform that utilises Siemens’ MindSphere open IoT operating system
Siemens Logistics

Siemens Logistics has launched a new version of its luggage handling and airport operations software, Baggage 360.

The updated software provides airports, airlines and ground handlers with real-time baggage flow forecasting, an interactive map of all airfield movements and a resource planning and simulation tool. It enables airport stakeholders to plan and allocate their fixed, mobile and human resources optimally to streamline operations.

“The new release of Baggage 360 is an important step towards a digital twin for baggage handling processes,” said Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. “The virtual representation of real-time operations helps airports to monitor and manage processes remotely and intuitively. Our pilot customers were impressed by how additional functionalities increased their operational efficiency.”

Baggage 360’s forecasting functions utilise advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to anticipate baggage volumes and pinpoint potential bottlenecks or malfunctions. As part of a pilot programme, Baggage 360 improved the average end-to-end travel times by nine minutes, according to Siemens, through smarter planning and allocation of laterals, the points at which ground handlers feed the baggage handling system with transfer bags. Furthermore, on a single day, Baggage 360 contributed to 22% fewer left-behind bags, which led, in turn, to an improved customer experience and repatriation cost savings amounting to thousands of Euros, the company said.