Siemens Logistics is to install a new outbound baggage handling system (BHS) at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas.

After processing outbound passenger bags for over 20 years, the existing BHS will be replaced by Siemens to meet today’s industry standards. For this, the company will supply a new mainline belt conveyor, sortation via high-speed diverters, and vertical sorters. The scope of the order also includes the modernisation of the higher- and lower-level controls for the entire system. The measures are scheduled for completion by late 2024.

“This is an important project and a key improvement that will provide benefits for us in the near-term and for future generations of AUS travellers,” said J Somer Shindler, chief development officer at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

“Our airport is serving more passengers and processing more bags than ever before. We are thrilled to work with the team from Siemens Logistics once again to bring this new and improved system to our airport.”

The system being replaced is the original Siemens BHS installed in the late 90s. Siemens Logistics will be responsible for the provision and installation of more than 2.4kmof belt conveyor with over 900 drives. The system will feature a new consolidated checked baggage inspection system with seven latest generation screening machines. They are expected to screen baggage at a total capacity of 4,000 items per hour. This is a necessary goal taking into account Austin’s escalating growth rate. To meet this new capacity requirement, Siemens will oversee the full controls upgrading of the system – underlined by a refreshed higher-level control architecture and modern, networked lower-level controls.

Image: Siemens Logistics