Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is redeveloping Lounge 2, the area located after the security check for passengers mainly flying to destinations outside Europe

The Lounge 2 catering and retail area is getting a new layout, with more space being made for new luxury brands, and a renewed and varied range of food, beverage and retail outlets.

“The renovation of Lounge 2 is part of a larger plan to make Schiphol attractive to passengers again: tastier and more sustainable food and beverages, great shops with an appealing range and an environment that emphasises Schiphol's standing as a home base for world travellers.

“We're also improving our range of offerings in the luxury segment, with the first big step being the arrival of top brands Louis Vuitton and BVLGARI in Lounge 2. We'll be creating space for this renewed range in phases, and the opening of BVLGARI is a significant milestone,” said Arthur Reijnhart, executive director Schiphol Commercial.

New layout and renovation 

During the renovation of Lounge 2, more than a thousand square meters of floor space will be reorganised and furnished. There will also be an additional 80m2 of space. Existing catering establishments such as Café Coco are making way for sustainable and high-quality concepts such as Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar restaurant. The seating areas in the lounge will also be redesigned and expanded.

This phase of the renovation will last until the end of 2024. The lounge will remain available to passengers throughout the renovation. By carrying out some of the work at night and in different phases, Schiphol aims to keep inconvenience for passengers, airlines and employees to a minimum.

Every year, more than 15 million passengers travel via Lounge 2 to a non-Schengen destination, mainly intercontinental. The lounge boasts more than 25 shops and ten catering establishments, with an emphasis on the luxury segment. Louis Vuitton and BVLGARI join existing high-end stores such as Gucci, Rolex and Hermes, among others.

The opening of BVLGARI is a milestone for the airport
The opening of BVLGARI is a milestone for the airport Amsterdam Airport Schiphol