King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh has launched OFOQ, an advanced digital platform designed and developed in co-operation with ADB Safegate.

OFOQ acts as a central database for all operational information generated by the airport’s data sources, allowing operator Riyadh Airport Company (RAC) to take full control of operations across its facilities, as well as enabling proactive and data-driven decision-making, helping to improve planning processes and disruption management.

Among OFOQ’s features, the Airport Resource Management System will enable the team to automatically control and schedule airport assets such as aircraft parking, check-in counters, passenger boarding gates and baggage belts/carousels. Moreover, the platform, part of RAC’s digital drive, features a Flight Information Display System (FIDS) that provides accurate and efficient flight-related data in real-time.

King Khalid International comprises five passenger terminals, 40 passenger boarding bridges and a car park with the capacity for 11,600 vehicles. With more than 50 international and domestic airlines operating to over 100 destinations, the airport handles 217,000 flights and 28.5 million passengers annually.