Work starts on February 7 on reconfiguring the existing security search area at the Channel Islands' Jersey Airport.

The size of the central search area will increase from its current 32m2 to a revised layout of circa 115m2 to maximise space and eventually provide more passenger prep areas. The revised layout will see a relocation of the boarding pass desk and passenger entry into central security.

The work will be carried out in-house by the group technical services team from the airport’s operator, Ports of Jersey, and is expected to take up to nine days to complete. According to the airport, departing passengers will not be greatly inconvenienced by the works programme and the check-in area and airside lounge facilities will be unaffected. However, there is likely to be some visual impact due to hoarding in place and some temporary alteration to accessing central security. Directional signage will be put in place to assist passengers.

This is the first stage of an ongoing process to enhance the provision of security services and facilities at Jersey Airport, which has included the successful recruitment and training of additional security agents. In due course a review will take place of current technology in line with regulatory requirements as well as an increase in the prep and packing area.

Airport director Robin MacRae said, “The comfort, safety and security of airport users is a priority and we recognise some of the issues faced when traveling through security, especially during busy times. Security remains an essential part of the journey and we are committed to enhancing our services to ensure that the facilities we provide make it a smoother process for our passengers.”