Signature Aviation will use the 5,000 gallon electric vehicle at its Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) in Vail, Colorado

Rampmaster, a manufacturer of aircraft refuelling solutions serving commercial cargo and general aviation markets, delivered the first zero-emission all-electric jet refueller truck in the United States to Signature Aviation’s Vail location at Eagle County Regional Airport in Colorado. The E-lectric Refueler replaces the diesel engine with an electric motor and hydraulic pump powered by lithium batteries to improve operations and reduce airport EPA emissions.

Signature Aviation, the world’s largest network of private aviation terminals, has been using Rampmaster’s diesel refuellers for some time. The companies chose Colorado for the E-lectric Refueler’s US debut because of the state’s reputation as a leader in climate responsibility, they said.

“The partnership with Signature Aviation was strategic in developing our Electric Vehicle (EV) Refueler. It has the only EV chassis to date that meets all aviation industry mandates while also establishing safety standards on airport,” said Leighton Yohannan, Rampmaster chief executive officer. “Rampmaster operates on the premise of always leaving the industry better than we found it by delivering high quality, innovative technology, safe and environmentally friendly product solutions, with an emphasis on the customer experience.”

The E-lectric Refueler made its US debut at Eagle County Regional Airport
The E-lectric Refueler made its US debut at Eagle County Regional Airport Rampmaster