The UK Government has launched a Call for Evidence as part of its review of the CAA, the country’s independent aviation regulator. 

Open to all interested parties, the Call for Evidence will provide an opportunity for anybody who uses the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) or is affected by its work – including airlines, airports, pilots and passengers – to provide insight and evidence to inform the Government review, on everything from the CAA’s strategy to its organisation and performance.

The Call for Evidence will close on January 22, 2023. It will ask questions such as whether the CAA has the right powers to effectively regulate the aviation market, whether its charges are good value for money, and whether it is effectively structured.

The wider CAA Review began in August this year, and forms part of the UK Cabinet Office’s Public Bodies Review Programme, which aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of public bodies. Led by independent reviewer Jeremy Newman, who is also a member of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, this Review will run until spring 2023.

The CAA has a number of functions, including ensuring the highest standards of aviation safety and security, the efficient use of airspace and space operations and protecting consumer rights. The Review aims to help the organisation build on its success in tackling the unprecedented challenges of recent years, according to the UK Government. 

Image: Heathrow Airports Limited