Pittsburgh International Airport has unveiled the designs for a dynamic connector bridge and tunnel between terminals.

The connector bridge will join the new landside terminal – currently under construction – to the existing airside centre core.

“Pittsburgh is a city with a magnificent entrance and this design, as part of our new terminal programme, provides travellers with a similar experience,” said Paul Hoback, chief development officer for the Allegheny County Airport Authority. “Capturing the essence of Pittsburgh is an important part of our new facility.”

The connector bridge highlights PIT’s Nature, Technology and Community initiative – dubbed NaTeCo – of building for the future.

It is designed to evoke the beauty of the region, with a feeling of expansion as passengers exit the bridge and reach the airside centre core. Dynamic lighting covering the ceiling inside the bridge will emulate the scenic skies of western Pennsylvania: light, fresh colours in the morning and deep oranges and purples near sunset.

“This is something that’s uniquely Pittsburgh, and we want passengers to have that feeling of awe as they enter the mezzanine level,” Hoback said.

Once passengers reach the end of the tunnel, the centre core will expand into full view as new escalators take them to the gate level.

One of the primary priorities in construction of the new terminal is “for Pittsburgh, by Pittsburgh,” and the connector bridge embodies PIT’s dedication to driving growth in the community, using fabricated materials from nearby Sippel Steel in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

Construction on the connector bridge will begin around the escalators currently leading up to the centre core from the train platform, including the installation of scaffolding and new wayfinding in the coming weeks.

The new terminal is expected to open in 2025.

Image: Pittsburgh International Airport