The Cambodian airport has won Level 3 accreditation from the Airports Council International

The ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) scheme, independently verified, has seven levels of certification: Mapping, Reduction, Optimisation, Neutrality, Transformation, Transition and Level 5, a new addition following the 28th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP 28) in December 2023.

The programme requires the monitoring of the airport carbon footprint and the implementation of actions to reduce the footprint over the years. Phnom Penh International Airport’s upgrade to Level 3 results from bringing third parties, such as restaurants, fuel suppliers and airlines, into the programme, further curbing carbon footprint emissions. 

Cambodia Airports has also deployed a comprehensive programme aimed at waste management, streamlining water consumption, and protecting natural resources and biodiversity. It includes the building of waste sorting facility to recover recyclable wastes and separate food waste from the rest, and the replacement of waste bins to promote waste segregation at the source.

Cyril Girot, CEO of Cambodia Airports, said: “Being a pioneer and a leader in environmental actions is a key strategy for Cambodia Airports, powered by VINCI Airports. Phnom Penh Airport was also certified ISO 14001 in December 2023. These achievements demonstrate our strong commitment to coping with the challenges of global climate change.”

Phnom Penh won ISO 14001 certification in December 2023
Phnom Penh won ISO 14001 certification in December 2023 VINCI Airports