Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is conducting a full upgrade to its video management system (VMS) and the associated network infrastructure.

The project will enhance and replace closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras across the airport.

New video system at PHL

PHL aims to upgrade the existing system to 100% digital while significantly increasing CCTV viewing coverage; upgrade the VMS to deliver more efficient management and resource allocation; improve control rooms and main distribution frames (MDFs) to support the new system; and replace network infrastructure, new fibre, equipment, storage, and the switches necessary to support the new VMS/IP CCTV configuration.

According to the airport, the expansive nature of the VMS upgrade and its impacts are significant, and the project team is implementing the new system on a per building/location.   

Impacts of this project affect stakeholders across the airport including security, IT, ops, Customs and Border Protection, TSA, Philadelphia Police Department, and the airlines. The project team established communication with stakeholders from the beginning and continuously works with partners to deliver the project successfully, PHL said.

Project manager Kalpesh Trivedi has been leading the multi-million-dollar programme. “Upgrading CCTV systems and supporting infrastructure to an IP architecture will provide a better reflection of today’s modern transportation facility footprint at PHL,” he said. “This will enhance the PHL security and operations. The new VMS system, cameras and associated equipment also consume less energy, supporting PHL sustainability goals.”

Images: Philadelphia International Airport