Vanderlande’s PAX MX2 – a new type of security screening system featuring a unique dual-lane concept – has made its global debut at Frankfurt Airport.

The installation was the result of a collaboration between Vanderlande and airport operator Fraport. Thanks to its unique design, PAX MX2 enables passengers to divest and pick up their hand luggage from two parallel lanes before and after the screening machine. By offering similar throughput to conventional screening lanes at a shorter length, the solution also enables Frankfurt Airport to make best use of limited floorspace, while optimising the use of screening equipment and resources.

PAX MX2’s waist-height tray feeding, empty tray recognition system (ETRS), automated tray return system (ATRS) and layout designed for optimal ergonomics all contribute to reducing the number of manual tasks to be performed by both agents and passengers, according to manufacturer Vanderlande. The system is integrated with Vanderlande’s PAX Multiplex screening software to provide improved operational efficiency, remote image analysis and data collection.

“We’re delighted that Frankfurt Airport has chosen our PAX MX2 dual-lane concept, which is the first of its kind to receive certification in Germany,” said Andrew Manship, Vanderlande’s executive vice president airport and parcel solutions. “We are looking forward to strengthening and extending our relationship with the airport and will offer support through our local presence in Germany. The delivery of this world-first solution shows what can be achieved through close cooperation with our partner airports.”

Image: Vanderlande