Swedish design and technology company Stilfold has forged a new partnership with air mobility company Kookiejar, which is also based in Sweden.

Through the collaboration, Sweden-based Kookiejar aims to create a scalable and environmentally-friendly production solution for its vertiports. The new vertiport foundation will be built by folding steel plates using Stilfold’s origami-inspired manufacturing technology. The tech, dubbed ‘industrial origami’, involves the use of robotic arms to fold flat sheet metal over curves to form strong and sustainable new structures, using minimal component parts.

Stilfolf industrial origami

Robotic arms will fold flat sheet metal over curves to form strong new structures

“This partnership with Kookiejar is further proof that our manufacturing technology provides entirely new opportunities across virtually all types of manufacturing industries. We see a range of exciting benefits for the aviation industry as a whole.

“Being able to take a leading position in future transportation through drones is another significant advantage we eagerly anticipate and we can’t wait to start building with the Kookiejar team,” said Jonas Nyvang, Stilford CEO and co-founder.

Stilfold is already revolutionising urban mobility: at its company Stilride, the team has created a sustainable lightweight electric motorcycle made almost entirely from recycled steel. It is also working with Polestar to build the world’s first climate-neutral car.

Kookiejar aims to have its network in operation by 2024.

Images: Kookiejar and Stilfold