The Port of Oakland has renewed its seven-year contract with Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) will continue to provide all law enforcement services to Oakland International Airport (OAK) until 2031 after a vote by the Oakland Board of Port Commissioners late last year and Alameda County Board of Supervisors earlier this year. The new seven-year contractual period will begin in July 2024.

As per its contract with the Port, ACSO is responsible for patrolling all areas of Oakland International Airport. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2004, the Port has partnered with ACSO to help Port staff address terrorist and criminal threats and other security-related challenges while maintaining a high level of safety and security for passengers and employees at OAK.

“Our relationship with Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is an essential one for the safe, secure, and smooth operation of Oakland International Airport,” said Craig Simon, interim director of aviation at the Port of Oakland. “We look forward to continuing this partnership under the renewed contract and thank ACSO for the valuable law enforcement services that it provides here at OAK every day.”

ACSO is one of several entities responsible for the security of OAK. Other agencies include the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Oakland Police Department (OPD), the Port’s Aviation Security team, and private security contractors hired by the Port. The groups work together to protect the airport from potential threats.

The Sheriff’s Office will patrol OAK until 2031
The Sheriff’s Office will patrol OAK until 2031 Port of Oakland