New light kits that are said to be capable of destroying up to 99.9% of microorganisms on baggage trays have been launched by Smiths Detection.

Smiths Detection

The equipment automatically disinfects trays as they are being transported from the reclaim area back to the divest station, thereby helping to protect passengers and staff from tactile transmission of contagious disease as they pass through security checkpoints at airports. The company said that its specially designed casing, and other safety measures, ensure the UVC lights pose no exposure risk to staff or passengers and can be installed into existing tray handling systems. For many years, this type of technology has been used to disinfect surfaces in other industries that require high hygiene standards, such as the food and health sectors.

The company said that demonstrating heightened hygiene standards will be important as airports seek to restore the confidence of travellers and staff during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Richard Thompson, the company’s global director aviation, commented: “Smiths Detection has been working with airports globally to deliver necessary enhancements to their infrastructure that can be made in response to the pandemic. UVC lights are a practical, straight-forward way that airports can help reduce the transmission of any bacteria or virus that might be on the surface of its trays now and in the long-term.”