Digital H&S specialist EcoOnline and ASA – the Airport Safety Association – have launched a new safety incident data platform.

Developed as a collaboration between EcoOnline and ASA, the trade association for independent ground service providers (GSPs), the SID database is designed to better support GSPs in benchmarking safety performance, identifying trends, and enabling more in-depth analysis.

Aircraft damage and delays cost the aviation industry an estimated $4bn per year and this is forecast to grow. The introduction of SID will help to target the common trends and implement mitigation strategies to strengthen the industry as a whole, according to EcoOnline and ASA. The database has the potential to provide GSPs across the globe with significant savings by delivering better data to help them make more informed decisions.

SID’s USP is that the data is ‘de-identified’ before submission. It provides a comparable baseline, independent of the individual GSP's scope or the variety of services offered, at no cost to ASA members. Active submission of data gives members free access to quarterly reports and their own personalised dashboards.

SID was developed by GSPs for GSPs, simplifying the data submission and using SaaS software to provide a credible benchmark. The system is agile, enabling GSPs to plug-in incident data from their own safety management system or enter it directly into SID. 

Yogesh Parekh, SVP operational risk at Menzies Aviation and the safety chairperson for ASA, said of the new platform: “As a community of GSPs, we needed a voice for the people we serve. Although we participate in industry forums, we often lack the data intelligence to support the initiatives that matter the most. SID not only plugs that gap but also provides a framework for standardised reporting to drive continual improvement. 

“Currently SID is developed for aircraft ground damage, near miss and hazard benchmarking. We hope over time that it will grow and evolve to include personal injuries, security, vehicles and environmental incidents.”


Image: EcoOnline