Nashville International Airport (BNA) began daily blasting operations on March 25, 2024, as part of its New Horizon expansion project

The blasting, needed for the extension of Concourse D and other terminal roadway improvements, is expected to continue until the end of 2024, the airport authority said.

Daily blasts are scheduled between Monday and Friday, weather permitting, at 1:00pm, with a back-up time of 3:30pm, when necessary.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) and construction personnel will work together to stop traffic on Donelson Pike, Airport Service Road and Terminal Drive for up to five minutes pre- and post-blast to ensure pedestrian safety.

All blasting operations will adhere to strict protocols to ensure the safety of travellers. Those in the vicinity will hear a series of short horns prior to the blast to indicate the halt of traffic, and following the blast to mark that traffic may resume as normal. Passengers within the terminal will be able to hear blasting.

New Horizon is a $1.5bn improvement and expansion plan
New Horizon is a $1.5bn improvement and expansion plan Nashville International Airport