Narita International Airport has extended the reach and capacity of its mission-critical TETRA communications network with Motorola Solutions’ WAVE PTX.

One of Japan’s busiest airports for travellers and cargo handling, Narita International Airport depends on Motorola Solutions’ TETRA digital radio system and ST7000 devices every day to maintain efficiency and security across its operations. The system also provides Narita staff with essential communications to coordinate and protect airport services during typhoons, snowstorms, earthquakes and other major events.

WAVE PTX supports instant and interoperable communication across different land mobile radio, LTE and 5G networks and devices, including smartphones, radios and computers. Enabling flexible communications across networks and devices boosts safety and productivity across Narita’s operations by connecting the airport with external partners including emergency services, security contractors and suppliers.

“Narita International Airport’s TETRA communication system provides trusted performance for more than 5,000 users and supports the coordinated transport of around 42,000 passengers every day,” said Joe Tse, sales director for Motorola Solutions Northern Asia. “WAVE PTX is enhancing collaboration between the airport and Japan’s public safety agencies, strengthening safety, productivity and resilience when it matters most.”

The deployment of WAVE PTX at Narita International Airport follows Motorola’s expansion of its mission-critical TETRA communications system across five major airports in Japan. Motorola Solutions has deployed TETRA communications systems in Japan for the past 12 years.

Image: Narita International Airport/ Motorola