Munich Airport and Lufthansa are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Terminal 2, which has handled 475 million passengers in its first two decades.

The terminal building was jointly planned and financed by Munich Airport and Lufthansa and has been jointly operated since the end of June 2003. This partnership between an airport and an airline remains unique worldwide, according to the two organisations, and has developed over the years.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the building’s anniversary, Albert Füracker, Bavarian Minister for Finance and Supervisory Board Chairman of Munich Airport, said: “Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 represents the extremely successful partnership between the airport and Lufthansa. After 20 years, it still stands for hospitality, comfort, modernity and sustainability.

“Thanks to Terminal 2, Munich Airport has been able to develop into one of the most modern and efficient aviation hubs in the world. As Bavaria’s gateway to the world, Munich Airport is invaluable to Bavaria.

For Jost Lammers, CEO of Munich Airport, Terminal 2 is a visible and tangible expression of the groundbreaking partnership with Lufthansa. He said: “When Munich Airport and Lufthansa joined forces to plan, build and operate a terminal together, they launched something unprecedented in the aviation industry.” 

Munich Terminal 2 20th anniversary

Terminal 2 has handled more than 475 million passengers in 20 years

The secret to Terminal 2’s success

Munich Airport and Lufthansa operate Terminal 2 and the satellite building through the Terminal 2 Company. Munich Airport holds 60% of the company’s shares, and Lufthansa holds 40%. Lufthansa, together with Star Alliance and its partner airlines, is the exclusive user of the terminal. Its buildings, which are specially designed for transfer traffic, are currently used by 20 airlines. In addition to Lufthansa and Air Dolomiti, Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, EVA Air, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and United Airlines are among those operating at Terminal 2. They offer up to 670 flights daily to and from 149 destinations in 50 countries. A total of 79 check-in counters and 33 baggage machines provides departing passengers with convenient and fast access to one of the 161 gates. Passengers also have access to more than 90 stores and restaurants. In addition, Terminal 2 and the satellite building house 12 Lufthansa lounges covering almost 9,000m2.


Terminal 2’s eco credentials

The Terminal 2 system buildings meet high environmental standards. The building already had a photovoltaic system when it opened in 2003 – at the time, the world’s largest system at a commercial airport. The satellite building was constructed using state-of-the-art building materials and features innovative heating, cooling and lighting technology. The “climate facades” also make a significant contribution to saving energy. These 4.5m-wide areas separate the actual heated or cooled building from the external environment and act as accessible climate buffers. The facade is made of a new kind of glass that allows daylight through, but thanks to a special coating does not heat up excessively in the sun.

Images: Munich Airport