Tech firm Mindtree has unveiled it digital health passport, designed to improve the passenger experience amid changing travel regulations.

The solution aims to offer travellers an easy, quick and secure way to comply with country-specific entry requirements and protocols.

It enables users to locate COVID-19 testing providers, schedule tests and make sure that test results meet their destination's criteria. It also facilitates swifter approvals by allowing travellers to digitally store, manage, validate and share test results, vaccine certifications, self-attestations, travel authorisation forms and other travel documents.

Built using Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology, the passport can work in tandem with the existing apps of travel suppliers, and has been designed to save them the time, cost and effort required to engage with new partners for every change.

Daniela Barbosa, executive director at Hyperledger Foundation, and general manager for blockchain, healthcare and identity at the Linux Foundation, said: “Mindtree's digital health passport for travel has enormous potential to boost travel safety as well as traveller confidence in the new normal.

“We are pleased that Mindtree has chosen Hyperledger Fabric's modular, plug-and-play and versatile design for the solution to deliver speed, efficiency and performance at scale.”

The solution can also be used by companies to monitor and manage workplace