Menzies Aviation has been awarded more than $26m in damages following the 2020 termination of a concession by the Government of Afghanistan.

An International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Tribunal in London has ruled in Menzies Aviation’s favour following the illegal termination of its subsidiary’s aviation services concession by the Government of Afghanistan in 2020. As a result, the Tribunal has awarded NAS Afghanistan (NAS) (now part of the Menzies Aviation group) damages and compensation of around $26m plus interest.

NAS suffered considerable losses and therefore sought retribution as available under the legally binding contract entered into by all parties. This involved arbitration proceedings before the ICC.

Hassan El-Houry, chairman of Menzies Aviation, said: “I am delighted that justice has finally been served. Under the Presidency of Mr Ghani, the Government of Afghanistan illegally terminated NAS’ contract, expropriated our assets and staff, and took our management team hostage. Governments are not above the law, and we will always take the necessary steps to protect our staff and business interests.”

Image: Menzies Aviation