A revamp of the commercial offering at Helsinki Airport’s gate area is underway, part of an extensive development programme by operator Finavia.

Among the new brands opening stores are Finland’s Balmuir and Marimekko. They will “act as business cards for Finland and Finnish design, even for the Finnish lifestyle”, according to Nora Immonen, Finavia’s director of commercial services at Helsinki Airport.

A WHSmith kiosk and FOREX currency exchange service opened in the gate area at the end of May. Clothes stores AERA Woman and AERA Man will open at gates 27 and 28 during June, and a 1,500m2 duty-free store will open in October, evidence of a strong ongoing relationship between Finavia and Dufry.

The operator is also investing in F&B. “We will develop the food and drink side of Helsinki Airport, and there will be significant investments in the new restaurant space, which will be completed in the gate area next year, Immonen said.

Finavia recently opened a restaurant area with six new restaurants in the Arrivals Hall at Helsinki. A new café concept, Kaffet Helsinki, is about to open at the new gate area.

Immonen said, “Our air passengers appreciate the fast, versatile, high-quality restaurant offering. Our goal is to offer easy take-away products, but also opportunities to take a moment together around excellent food and beverages.”