India’s Mangaluru International Airport has installed the FASTag electronic toll collection solution throughout its car parks.  

The airport, located on the country’s west coast, has designated a lane each at entry and exit for passengers using the FASTag option. With FASTag, the movement of vehicles will be faster, thus reducing wait time for drivers using the airport. In addition to time, it will also save fuel, the airport said.

The main advantage of FASTag is that it eliminates the need for cash transactions, resulting in quicker parking options for all car park users. Passengers can experience parking without manual intervention as there is no longer the need to wait for a parking receipt or make cash/credit payments at the entrance or exit. According to the airport, the new system will help make the overall parking experience seamless.

Passengers entering through the designated FASTag lane (lane 2) at entry should follow the same corresponding lane (lane 3) at exit. Passengers need to pay the standard parking rate and no additional cost is added for this automated parking facility. The airport has upgraded the signages at both entry and exit, indicating the FASTag lane.

Mangaluru has also considered the needs of passengers who may travel without a FASTag. These passengers will continue following the manual parking process and pass-through lanes which do not have a FASTag facility.

Image: Mangaluru Airport