GSE manufacturer Mallaghan has designed, developed, and introduced the SkyBelt, a new conventional belt loader


The Mallaghan SkyBelt, which will be manufactured in Mallaghan's factories in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, and Atlanta, Georgia, is an aircraft baggage loader solution representing a significant advancement in the innovation of GSE, the company said.

According to the manufacturer, its patented lifting system and comprehensive array of advanced sensor systems meant his new product greatly reduces the risk of accidental damage to aircraft during ground handling.

The SkyBelt’s lifting system allows vertical boom movement without any unintended lateral/transverse movement, unlike other designs, where lateral boom movement creates the risk of fuselage contact and adds unnecessary difficulty to the operational procedure.

An auto-raise function prevents contact with the aircraft during loading or unloading. Its automatic height adjustment system also facilitates automated boom movement and tracking to the aircraft bin floor level as the aircraft height changes during unloading. These safety functions are enabled without any special operator input or monitoring.

The electric belt loader also offers extended run hours, remote diagnostic capabilities, and has undergone rigorous testing, allowing it to truly stand out within the market.

Joe Griffith, chief commercial officer at Mallaghan, said: “Our innovative SkyBelt will deliver several key benefits to customers, including reducing instances of aircraft damage, savings in on-going maintenance costs, and most significantly, enhancing their sustainability credentials at a time when the industry is putting a collective focus on responsible business.

“This belt loader will become is being deployed already, including at large US airports like SEA, LAX, and LGA, with other significant deployments planned. We hope to continue to drive industry-wide transformation through the design and delivery of innovative, future-proofed equipment to our network of valued customers and partners.”

The Mallaghan SkyBelt has a modular robust chassis design and an AC traction motor with integrated electric park brake coupled to rear axle differential. Clients can choose from a range of additional features, including a Collision Avoidance System, collapsible/fixed handrails and package rails, and more.

The SkyBelt will be built in Northern Ireland and the United States
The SkyBelt will be built in Northern Ireland and the United States Mallaghan