The Integrated Airport Management Centre (IAMC) at Macau International Airport (MFM) has officially opened


The 260m2 IAMC has seating for 27 staff. Key operational units are already at work in the centre, among them the airport operations department of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), the engineering department monitoring station, Air Macau, Menzies Macau, and SEMAC Security Company.

Simon Chan, chairman of CAM’s executive committee, stated that IAMC integrates and manages airport resources to ensure safe operations and unified coordinated management. This will, he said, help the airport improve operational efficiency and service quality through situation awareness.

IAMC’s opening was celebrated by key stakeholders
IAMC’s opening was celebrated by key stakeholders Macau International Airport


Chan’s sentiments were echoed by Stanley Pun, president of the Civil Aviation Authority of Macau, who noted that IAMC would help drive digitalisation in aviation, realise the transmission of air traffic management data between international parties, and bring new opportunities to the development of the civil aviation industry in Macau.

IAMC will provide a smoother boarding procedure, accurate flight information and fast luggage handling, ultimately delivering an improved passenger experience at Macau.


IAMC has space for 27 operational staff
IAMC has space for 27 operational staff Macau International Airport