Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) has replaced its legacy airport operational database (AODB) with Airport Hive

Developed by UK firm Azinq, Airport Hive is a modern cloud-based modular suite of airport operational products. It is a direct replacement for a traditional AODB, offering features such as billing and resource management.

In adopting Airport Hive, LJLA has future-proofed its airport management system. The airport will benefit from huge flexibility thanks to Hive’s API/application programming interface-led design, with event driven microservice architecture. The airport operator can now access its data securely and can easily incorporate many systems into its own eco-system. According to Azinq, this will turbocharge operational efficiency, empower data-driven collaborative decision-making, and enhance the passenger experience.

As an agile platform, Airport Hive’s modular design allows components to be developed and updated separately and then plugged in when required. It can continue to adapt and evolve without any operational disruption and stay up to date with the latest technologies.

By replacing its existing AODB with Airport Hive, LJLA can meet the requirements for independent scaling, accelerated deployment, and flexible hosting. It is now well-placed to take advantage of its airport operational information with cloud, REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs, IoT, AI, machine learning and other future technologies and functionalities.

“Working with Azinq and Airport Hive has ensured we have the right foundation and technology core for now and the future. It enables our operation to be more efficient and offer a better end service to our passengers.

“This has been a collaborative and fulfilling experience and it has been great to utilise the services of a local supplier. The project was delivered in a short timescale and the transition was delivered seamlessly,” said Paul Staples, director, airport operations, Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

LJLA has future-proofed its airport management system
LJLA has future-proofed its airport management system LJLA