Lagardère Travel Retail has unveiled its autonomous convenience store, Travelwell, at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). It is the Asian hub’s first such facility.

The store deploys AI system and computer vision technology which streamline the shopping process in a brick-and-mortar store, enabling passengers to experience a real grab-and-go purchase without stopping at checkout. The intelligent AI system utilises algorithms to track the movement of the products as well as the gesture of the customers, ensuring shoplifting is impossible and purchases are accurate.  

Customers enter the store by tapping a credit card on or inserting it into the payment terminal. After they finish shopping, they simply exit the store with the items selected. The credit card will then be charged for the items purchased. Customers may print their receipts at the receipt printers next to the exit gate. There are illustrations of the shopping procedure inside and outside the store, and a member of staff is available to answer questions and provide guidance to customers. 

The 88m2 Travelwell store is designed as a one-stop convenience store where passengers can find pre-flight necessities and do some last-minute shopping before boarding. A wide range of packaged food, ready-to-eats, beverages, travel essentials, and local souvenirs is on offer.   

The store is located near gate 24, at the entrance of Sky Bridge, the world’s longest airside bridge, which connects the airport’s Terminal 1 with its satellite concourse.

Séverine Lanthier, Asia chief operating officer & group chief strategy and development officer at Lagardère Travel Retail, said: “We are grateful to have benefited from the support of the Airport Authority Hong Kong and of business partners to pioneer this technology-led, innovative new store. Our Travelwell store and the beautiful Sky Bridge are a natural fit for each other. I hope the new shopping experience will appeal to travellers and become a memorable part of their journey. This project represents a key milestone in our ambitious roadmap to innovate to elevate the traveller shopping experience.” 

Image: Lagardère Travel Retail