Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) has installed SITA biometric-enabled self-service kiosks to support the ongoing COVID-19 recovery.

The mass installation features a hardware and software overhaul including more than 100 SITA biometric-enabled self-service Smart Path kiosks with the TS6, SITA Smart Path Bag Drop, and an IT infrastructure refresh.

Photo: SITA

SITA's new slimline TS6 kiosks are available from this month and feature wireless connectivity. The kiosks are ready and enabled for SITA Flex and the next generation of common-use API-based services that facilitate a low-touch, fully mobile passenger experience.

As part of the software updates, the hub’s operator, Malaysia Airports has migrated to Windows 10 and upgraded its CORE servers, network equipment and baggage reconciliation system to enhance speed and secure data communications.

Sumesh Patel, president, Asia Pacific at SITA, said: “Ensuring fluid passenger experiences while balancing operational efficiency is a high priority for airports globally. With this deployment, we've delivered on both elements, future-proofing the airport for a touchless journey via enhanced biometric capability, and also driving down operational costs and increasing the resilience and agility of IT infrastructure.”

The upgrades are part of a broader transition from Airport 3.0 to Airport 4.0, which requires a fully integrated digital ecosystem that provides a seamless passenger journey.