Passengers flying domestic from Jaipur Airport will no longer be required to carry printouts of their tickets and boarding pass.

The Rajasthan airport is to deploy DigiYatra biometrics . Under the programme, being launched by India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation, Jaipur Airport will be equipped with a biometric boarding system (face pods) which will enable passengers to scan their details.

The pods will eliminate the need for manual verification of tickets and identification documents at multiple check points, saving crucial time. The programme will initially start with only one dedicated entry route for passengers choosing the DigiYatra option, but will later be expanded, the airport said.

The system will simplify check-in, security, and boarding, making the process faster and smoother. Passengers opting to check-in via DigiYatra will have to register at the airport or through the Digi Yatra portal or download the DigiYatra app, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Once registered, the passenger will receive a unique DY ID, which can be used for all air travel in India. This DY ID will be linked to the passenger’s PNR (passenger name record) number and will store the traveller’s data on the DigiYatra portal.

Image: By Chainwit. - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,