Jacobs has won a five-year contract renewal with Atlanta Airlines Terminal (AATC), for facility maintenance services at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The $60m-plus agreement will see Jacobs deploy ion, a performance data integration and visualisation platform that aggregates data from other contractors. AATC will leverage the platform to enhance visibility, timesaving efficiency, better forecasting and real-time analytics.

Jacobs has also proposed a two-zone service delivery model to optimise and streamline resources as the airport looks to return to normal passenger flows. If accepted, more than 135 Jacobs staff will work shifts in their assigned zone locations to improve wrench time efficiencies, while specialty craft resources and reactive response teams continue to provide airport-wide services.

"As we enter the post-pandemic world, it is critical to reimagine our services to best support AATC. By implementing new technologies and adopting new delivery models, Jacobs will continue to support AATC's continued growth and deliver on our promise to create a more connected, sustainable world," said Jacobs global vice president of operations management and facilities services, Steve Meininger.

Jacobs has performed facility maintenance services, including repair, maintenance and operations of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, ramp repairs and more for 10.3 million square feet of the airport's Central Passenger Terminal Complex since 2010.