iGA Istanbul Airport has introduced a new service that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to provide passengers with information on airport stores.

The platform utilises AR technology to enable users to see objects virtually and in 3D, thus providing an interactive real-world environment. A character, CİGA, accompanies the passengers on their route, providing information about the stores and directing them within the International Arrivals Bosporus area. The character also highlights campaign offers and takes passengers on excursions between the stores.

Once logged into the Istanbul Airport app, passengers can access the system through the AR tab. As CIGA approaches a store, the name of the store appears as a pop-up. When the passenger clicks on this, details of the store appear below its name. iGA offers its passengers special deals and discount codes at member stores through its AR technology.

Ersin İnankul, the vice president responsible for digital services and commerce at iGA, said, “Shopping using AR technology is extremely important in terms of being the first step towards the digitalisation of trade at iGA Istanbul Airport. This marketplace will ensure a quick and easy shopping experience as well as providing passengers with a more comfortable shopping experience.”