Iris ID has launched the self-serve iCAM D2000 and IrisBar authentication readers, which it describes as ideal for airports.

The new products from New Jersey-based Iris ID are compact, touchless readers that accurately identify people through advanced multi-modal biometric technologies.

According to the company, the iCAM D2000 and the IrisBar represent a new class of fused iris and face identification systems. The self-serve iCAM D2000 is easy to use, with large capture volume and audio/visual prompts guiding users. The unit also provides automatic face mask detection and an add-on thermal sensor option to grant or deny entry based on a pre-programmed acceptable temperature range.

The IrisBar, a slim, multi-modal reader, has been designed for easy kiosk mounting, enabling easy integration into existing kiosks.

“We refer to the iCAM D2000 as “Lighthouse” for its ability to help people navigate airport checkpoints while providing fast, flexible and accurate high-quality images for enrolment and identification for travel and access solutions,” said Mohammed Murad, vice president, global sales and business development for Iris ID. “It seamlessly integrates with other identity authentication systems to strengthen the bridge between legacy and future solutions.

“IrisBar is designed to provide the highest quality authentication experience in existing self-service kiosks. The new IrisBar will enable facilities to add high-quality, accurate authentication to millions of self-serving kiosks around the world."

The iCAM D2000 features two illuminator bars to assist in clear facial recognition and to automatically accommodate dimly lit areas; a customisable interactive touchscreen option; and automatic height accommodation between 1.2 and 2.1m. The device also benefits from security countermeasures, installation flexibility such as mounting options for speed gates, kiosks, desks and other locations, and integration tools.

The IrisBar shares many of the D2000’s features. A high-power infrared LCD provides illumination for biometric capture, while an LCD display and speaker guide users through the identification process with visual and audio prompts. The slim unit captures biometric data from distances up to 750mm, according to Iris ID.