Iberia Airport Services (IBAS) has received €14.2m from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) for the renewal of its ground equipment.

This grant forms part of a programme supporting efficient and sustainable mobility and provides financial backing for Iberia Airport Services’ work towards the decarbonisation of airport services through the introduction of electrical ground equipment.

As part of its application for handling licenses for third parties at 41 Spanish airports, Iberia Airport Services has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2025 and, to this end, plans to invest more than €100m to renew 7,000 pieces of equipment and electrify 80% of its mobile fleet in the coming years.

Over the last year, and to meet the requirements of these new handling licences, IBAS strengthened its collaboration with the main ground equipment manufacturers, testing electrical equipment at airports such as Mallorca, Malaga, Barcelona, and Madrid. In addition to the environmental improvements – due to reductions in emissions, noise and vibrations – the equipment is easier to use and its technology makes it easier to handle, according to IBAS.

Image: Iberia Airport Services