Revo Zero has launched a HaaS (Hydrogen-as-a-Service) solution designed to enable airports to utilise hydrogen as fuel without investing in production or storage infrastructure.

Herndon, Virginia-based Revo Zero deploys the equipment at no cost to the airport, which pays for the hydrogen under a pay-as-you-go model for ground operations vehicles. According to Revo Zero, this will enable airports to provide a stable fuel cost, without being affected by fossil fuel pricing fluctuations.

In addition to the HaaS solution, Revo Zero can customise zero-emissions airport-ready vehicles that comply with FAA labelling and operational regulations. Through strategic partnerships, airports will be able to lease vehicles to reduce the initial investment costs.

The HaaS installation includes setting up hydrogen dispensers in publicly accessible areas of the airport that will become refuelling locations for the Revo Zero nationwide hydrogen network. These locations will be used by the Revo Zero pFC (plug-in-Fuel-Cell) vehicles that will become available to the public in the next few years, the company said. The pFC vehicles utilise both battery and hydrogen technologies, offering a range of up to 700 miles and quick refuelling.

“Enough talking; it is time to get things done now. As an aviator, I have seen first-hand the opportunity to clean up the skies of our cities by decarbonising airport operations. HaaS is the key to making it happen quickly,” said Ruben Creus, CEO of Revo Zero.

Image: Revo Zero