London Biggin Hill Airport has opened an on-site boutique hotel with the support of funding from HSBC UK.

London Biggin Hill has utilised an eight-figure funding package to open The Landing, a four-star, 56-room boutique hotel. The new hotel offers views across the airport, a small fitness suite, dedicated 66-seat lounge, and a bar restaurant called The Approach.

The HSBC UK-backed hotel has supported over 50 new jobs for local people. HSBC UK has also provided an additional seven-figure funding package for ongoing investment in the site, facilities, and operations as the airport transitions to a low-carbon business.

The hotel has been built primarily for crew and engineers flying in and out of London Biggin Hill Airport, as well as to support local business in and around the airport site. The bar and restaurant are also open to the public.

Over the last decade, sustained investment in new hangars and infrastructure has attracted global business to London Biggin Hill, and there are today over 70 companies employing more than 1,400 people on the 500-acre airport site.

Nigel Masson, chief financial officer at London Biggin Hill Airport, said: “We have been delighted with the success of The Landing, which opened its doors to visitors from across the globe earlier this year. A dedicated on-site hotel was the natural next step as more and more aerospace and tech innovators choose to call London Biggin Hill home. We’d like to thank HSBC UK for its support and look forward to welcoming everyone to The Landing Hotel soon.”

Image: London Biggin Hill Airport