Germany’s fifth busiest airport has implemented Amadeus Flow, an integrated airport cloud solution designed to help manage passenger services end-to-end.

The introduction of Amadeus Flow is part of Hamburg’s commitment to modernising its approach to technology in order to offer the smoothest possible passenger experience based on an efficient model. 

By moving more than 200 workstations to the cloud with Amadeus Cloud Use Service (ACUS), ground handling agents will be able to easily access any airline system they need at key service points such as check-in, boarding, and lost and found desks. 

The primary driver behind this new installation of a common use system is a simplified approach to technology. Moving to the new cloud service enables Hamburg Airport and airline partners to replace multiple costly, fixed network connections with robust internet links. It also means that the airport no longer needs to host and maintain airline systems locally on its own servers. Taking this flexible cloud approach to IT reduces costs and frees the airport to focus on other priorities, Amadeus said. 

The modern cloud technology also allows the airport to consolidate information from across the passenger’s journey easily and in a consistent format. This aggregated data will be used to power intuitive dashboards that help the airport become insight-driven to better match resources to demand and to proactively identify issues in passenger services. 

Passengers will also be able to easily pay for airline products at key service points thanks to the introduction of Outpayce Airport Pay. When paying for ancillary services such as extra baggage, meals, or upgrades, passengers will be able to use a wide range of cards and mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Yannick Beunardeau, senior vice-president airport and airline operations EMEA, Amadeus, said: “The move to the cloud is accelerating as more airports recognise that a simplified approach helps to lower costs and increase the pace of innovation. If airlines decide to add new passenger service ideas at Hamburg in the future, like payments, it will now be much quicker and easier for them to do so.” 

The agreement also sees Hamburg Airport adopt Amadeus Smart Message, a modern internet protocol message exchange, to replace costly legacy baggage messaging system across the airport. 

Image: Hamburg Airport