Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) has won four awards in the 20th Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Award scheme.

Hactl achieved the top honours in both the Safety Management System Award (Other Industries) and OSH Promotion Award categories. The former recognised Hactl’s health and safety culture, which has achieved a 70% reduction in workplace accidents since 2014.

The OSH Promotion Award focused on Hactl’s “Safety Week 2020”, which upheld the company’s strong policy of educating staff and business partners in workplace safety.

Hactl also secured Silver in the OSH Enhancement Program Award, and Bronze in the Occupational Rehabilitation Award.

Hactl’s executive director and chief financial officer Amy Lam received the Safety Management System (Other Industries) Gold Award from OSHC chair Dr Alan Chan Hoi-shou.

Lam said: “We are delighted that Hactl’s strong OSH focus has been publicly recognised with no fewer than four successes in the Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Awards. For us, the most gratifying is the Safety Management System Award, which demonstrates that our OSH measures exceed the standards set out in legislation, and that we have made OSH part of the DNA of every Hactl staff member.”

The awards are organised by the Occupational Safety & Health Council (OSHC).