A first-of-its-kind autonomous airfield inspection vehicle has been showcased by Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA).

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority, in collaboration with technology leaders, has showcased a cutting-edge autonomous perimeter inspection solution that aims to keep airport runways, taxiways and security fences safe. The vehicle is part of Toronto Pearson’s commitment to invest in technology that enhances the safety, security, and sustainability of the airport.

The proof-of-concept solution – demonstrated by Honda, Illuminex AI, Genwave Technologies, Cisco and Eagle Aerospace – has been designed to alert the GTAA to potential safety or security issues. According to the authority, the solution provides an exciting opportunity for employees to work with innovative, technology-driven solutions to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of airfield operations.

The vehicle has been designed to alert the GTAA to potential safety or security issues

“Toronto Pearson is proud to be a leader when it comes to investing in technology that will enhance the efficiency of our operations,” said Brian Tossan, chief technology officer, Greater Toronto Airports Authority. “Airports are constantly under pressure to ensure the safety of passengers, airplanes and operations, and we are always working with industry-leading partners to make sure we’re investing in a safe and efficient airport for everyone.”

Images: Greater Toronto Airports Authority