Air navigation service provider, Skyguide, in partnership with ADB Safegate, has gone live at Geneva Airport with a series of safety upgrades.

The upgrades are part of the Advanced Runway Safety Improvement Program (ARSI IT2) and a further step in a European drive aimed at reducing runway incursions and creating greater situational awareness for air traffic controllers.

ARSI IT2 is the next generation of safety improvement, offering an advanced feature set that enhances operational safety, efficiency and usability, the partners said. 

The new safety improvements required upgrades to the airport’s Electronic Flight Strip System (EFSS), developed by ADB Safegate as part of its Tower portfolio, as well as improvements to the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS). 

This will improve the situational awareness of air traffic controllers by enabling them to immediately detect critical situations of clearance conflicts or non-compliance with given clearances using alerts and warnings. 

Image: ADB Safegate