Aircraft turnarounds are being transformed at Gatwick with a new handheld digital platform, the AirTurn.

The new platform allows ground handlers to update air traffic controllers about changes to the process in real time, direct from the apron, optimising efficiency, reducing delays and unnecessary fuel burn. The AirTurn means information can be communicated more quickly – such as updates on baggage loading, refuelling or other aircraft preparations – giving the control tower a more accurate, real-time departure or Target Off-Block Time (TOBT).

The platform is accessed directly through Gatwick’s Community App, which is already widely used by airports worldwide, including the VINCI Airports global network, and thus has the potential to be rolled out across many other facilities. AirTurn and the Airport Community App were developed in partnership with AirportLabs.

Steven Moore, head of ATM Network Operations at EUROCONTROL, commented: “In our role as EUROCONTROL Network Manager, we are currently embracing the digital transformation of our operational systems, so it is exciting to see innovative projects from our partners, such as this new digital platform at Gatwick. The new app will allow A-CDM communication from the aircraft stand to EUROCONTROL, resulting in more accurate estimates of take-off time, benefitting the network and it all its users.”