The Korean Airport Cooperation (KAC) has upgraded its communication capabilities with a new message handling system.

Working with local firm IB Leaders, KAC has installed the aeronautical message handling switch (AMHS) from Frequentis Comsoft. The fully redundant and virtualised solution increases the communication capability and supports the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) basic and extended AMHS service profiles.

The system is located at Gimpo International Airport, where KAC has its headquarters. Along with the message handling system, the solution includes a range of other features to support the central supervision of all system components, as well as the network directory service CADIR. The redundancy concept allows a full redundancy of all components without a single point of failure.

“Thanks to good cooperation with IB Leaders, we were able to deliver the system on time, despite the global challenges and travel restrictions that still existed due to the pandemic. We look forward to enhancing message handling for KAC in the future,” said Constantin von Reden, managing director Frequentis Comsoft, and member of the Frequentis ATM Executive Board.

The Frequentis solution will support international cooperation, as it is also used by most neighbouring countries with direct data connections, the company said.

Image: Frequentis