February 15 saw the launch of Flypool, the first ecological carpooling solution dedicated to airport transfers

Developed by Frenchman Mathieu Burthey in 2023, FlyPool aims to help all airport users, from personnel to travellers, by saving them time and money, as well as – not least – helping save the environment.

In 2024, 4.7 billion travellers are expected on the world's air routes. This influx will lead to difficulties in managing passenger flows, with saturated roads, crowded and expensive parking facilities, long and unreliable public transport access, and so on. The environmental impact will be significant. This is where FlyPool comes in.

“At FlyPool, we share a vision of mobility that transcends borders, making travel more accessible, friendlier and environmentally sustainable. Every carpool is an opportunity to move towards a sustainable and carbon-free mode of transport,” said CEO Mathieu Burthey.


More than an app

Available globally, FlyPool, a free app, simplifies the coordination and planning of the user’s upcoming airport trips, removing stress from the equation, its developer says. The traveller can accumulate FlyPoints, which can be redeemed for discount vouchers from the brand's partners or useful products available in the FlyPool store. Additionally, the start-up empowers its users – FlyPoolers – to convert their FlyPoints into donations for partner NGOs, supporting projects dedicated to animal, marine, or environmental causes.

The carpooling app is not just for the occasional traveller. FlyPool has also been designed for airport staff in need of a daily commuting solution.

The carpooling solution is now available globally
The carpooling solution is now available globally FlyPool