Finavia has become the first airport operator to implement RunwaySense, Navblue’s collaborative web-based platform for runway condition reporting activities.

RunwaySense uses unique data provided by Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft equipped with Braking Action Computation Function (BACF) software in to accurately report the condition of the runway it has just landed on, against the FAA’s Take-off and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM).

The data is compliant with the ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF) requirement, which came into effect on November 4, and provides a unique data report reflecting the aircraft’s actual braking action. The accuracy allows airport operators to target their runway clearing activities, taking advantage of continuous operations on the runway to collect real-time information on the runway condition.

Finavia will access RunwaySense data via SoftAvia’s Global Runway Reporter Alert (GRRA) software.

Six of the 20 airports managed by Finavia will now benefit from the RunwaySense service: Helsinki, Oulu, Kittilä, Kuusamo, Ivalo, and Rovaniemi.