Ferrovial Airports and eVTOL specialist Eve Air Mobility have agreed to partner to jointly further the safe and reliable operation of vertiports and eVTOLs.

The collaboration, embodied in a statement of intent, reinforces Ferrovial’s commitment to urban air mobility, the company said. Working with leading manufacturers and air service operators, Ferrovial Vertiports, backed by its parent company’s 70 years of transportation infrastructure experience, is developing a series of agnostic vertiports networks in Europe and the United States. The siting, developing, and operating of these networks will support all-electric, zero-carbon eVTOL air transport services.

“As a leading global infrastructure provider and operator, Ferrovial is committed to building and operating safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation infrastructure, which is why we are truly excited to announce our collaboration with Eve,” said Kevin Cox, chief executive officer, Ferrovial Vertiports. “Ensuring that we are utilising an agnostic state-of-the-art Urban Air Traffic Management system will be key to achieving our goals.”

Eve Air Mobility, an Embraer company, is a developer of eVTOL aircraft, services and support, and urban air traffic management (urban ATM) software. This software will enable the integration of all airspace users in the urban environment. It supports the safety, efficiency, and improvement of the entire UAM ecosystem, including fleet and vertiport operators. The collaboration reinforces a shared commitment to safely integrating and scaling global UAM operations.

“This agreement represents a significant step forward and is a strong validation of Eve’s Urban Air Traffic Management service offering,” said Andre Stein, co-CEO of Eve Air Mobility. “Eve is much more than an eVTOL manufacturer. We are working with companies like Ferrovial Vertiports to consider how these aircraft will operate safely, efficiently and in the most responsible way possible in the future.”

Image: Ferrovial Vertiports