Technology specialist Elenium is to provide new bag drop and kiosk facilities at Queenstown Airport in Otago, New Zealand.

As part of Queenstown’s terminal upgrade programme, Elenium will install six new bag-drop units and nine self-service kiosks by June this year. It will also provide full management and monitoring software that will ensure operational issues can be addressed proactively, the company said. Elenium designs, develops and manufactures self-service and automation technologies for the aviation sector that can reduce passenger congestion by up to 60%, delivering a faster and more seamless customer experience.

Aaron Hornlimann, Elenium CEO and co-founder, said this project represented Queenstown Airport’s commitment to modernisation and improving the customer experience.

“Nobody likes waiting in queues to check in or drop bags. Queenstown Airport has shown that self-service technologies can not only help at peak times, but they can provide a better passenger experience, encouraging those visitors to come back,” he added.

Elenium’s VYGR (short for Voyager) suite of products is used in more than 25 airports globally, among them including Auckland, Vienna, and Bangalore.

Image: Elenium