The CEO of Dubai Airports has become the latest signatory of anti-wildlife trafficking commitment The Buckingham Palace Declaration.

CEO Paul Griffiths underlined the transport hub’s commitment to helping eradicate the illegal trade in wildlife by signing The Buckingham Palace Declaration at a special event with the UK’s Prince William, head of The Royal Foundation’s United for Wildlife initiative. His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of Dubai Airports, was also present.

By signing the declaration, Griffiths confirmed Dubai Airports’ involvement in United for Wildlife’s Transport Taskforce. He said: "Wildlife trafficking is a global problem that is among the world’s five most lucrative crimes. As the operator of the busiest international airport in the world, Dubai Airports shares in the global responsibility to help stop the trade of illegal wildlife.

"Dubai is a strategic trade hub connecting all corners of the world. With Dubai Airports, DP World and Dubai Customs all joining this taskforce, we have the opportunity to play a significant role in the eradication of the illegal wildlife trade."

Griffiths added: "As a member of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce, Dubai Airports is affirming our zero tolerance policy regarding illegal wildlife trade and our commitment to working with taskforce partners around the world on information sharing and detection and the development and adoption of practical measures to address this critically important issue.

"We thank Prince William for his leadership in bringing together partners from all segments of society to help protect endangered species and end the trade of protected wildlife," Griffiths concluded.