Dubai Airports has been recognised as one of the Best Employer Brands in the LinkedIn MENA Talent Awards for companies with over 1,000 staff.

The award recognises entities that focus on building a strong employer brand to engage with their audiences in a meaningful manner. Dubai Airports was recognised for demonstrating its culture and values across LinkedIn, and for engaging with its 814,600 followers.

According to Dubai Airports, its win is also a testament to the organisation’s presence on LinkedIn in regularly sharing content that helps to support its employees and its local community, while creating compelling, real-life stories that humanise the brand and empower employees to become brand ambassadors and advocates.

Meshari Al Bannai, executive vice president of human resources development at Dubai Airports, said, “We truly believe that empowering our people throughout their careers is key to our success. LinkedIn is a powerful platform, and implementing a strategy that enables us to connect with our employees through engaging, human and emotive content helps us foster talent throughout the organisation”.

The winners were selected based on performance, results and impact of organisations leveraging their LinkedIn talent solutions.

The criteria for selection included companies that have built a strong employer brand and engage with their audience in a meaningful way, company page views on the platform, percentage of follower growth on the platform and how talent engages with the company’s content via likes, comments and shares.

Image: Dubai Airports