DHL eCommerce has opened a 307,000 sq ft distribution centre near Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). 

The logistics company is combining three properties it leased in a business park in the CVG area into a larger, $74 million site that will employ approximately 400 full and part-time employees.

The company will use Honeywell’s state-of-the-art IntelliSort cross-belt loop sorter, which is capable of processing up to 50,000 parcels and packages an hour. 

In addition, the new facility will house an NPI Gen3 Xstream Dual Lane Sliding Shoe Sorter designed to process up to 24,000 domestic and international parcels and packages per hour. 

The distribution centre is the largest sorting and cross-dock hub in DHL eCommerce’s US network, with the ability to unload up to 20 trucks per hour, and sort and reload outbound shipments. 

The building is also the first distribution centre in the DHL eCommerce US network to be partially solar-powered, with 684 solar panels generating approximately 25% of the building’s total energy. 

“DHL eCommerce has been operating in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area for 20 years, and it’s considered one of our US hubs for domestic and international shipments,” said Lee Spratt, CEO, DHL eCommerce, Americas. 

“This investment is our commitment to our customers to have the best footprint in strategic markets to get their goods in the hands of consumers as quickly as possible through automation while operating sustainably.”

Image: DHL eCommerce