The new Polish hub has been designed to enable travellers to move swiftly, safely and easily between different modes of transport.

The Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) airport is set to become a world-class transport hub, where passengers can easily access all modes of transport, including at its state-of-the-art railway station. It has been designed to provide a high-quality passenger experience, offering a comfortable, welcoming space for all who pass through it. The airport will also allow seamless transfers, with passengers able to move effortlessly between buses, taxis, trains, and aircraft. 

To ensure that CPK’s railway station is future-proof, the design incorporates the most innovative technologies available, including smart systems, real-time communication, contactless interface technology for automated ticketing, biometrics for processing, video surveillance for safety and passenger flow management, as well as smart interactive wayfinding, all to facilitate seamless travel for the optimum passenger experience. Additionally, next-generation technologies, such as intelligent traffic management, 5G, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for facility management, can all be integrated into the station's design. 



Sustainability at the station’s heart
The railway station has been designed with sustainability in mind, and high standards of sustainable accreditation. Other opportunities for decarbonisation are to be explored, including innovations in train technology and shifts to electric trains that use energy from renewable sources, such as solar or wind. 

“Our designers are going to be looking at the efficient use of materials and minimisation of energy consumption. They will also consider the material of the roof and canopy cover to determine the individual qualities that it can bring, such as the degree of natural lighting and potential energy generation through PVs,” said Szymon Kachniarz, senior project manager at CPK.  


High-quality passenger experience 
The focus of the station’s designer is to provide a high-quality passenger experience, while also delivering comfortable and welcoming spaces for travellers, destination visitors and workers throughout the year. The challenge is to do this in the most sustainable, efficient, and effective ways possible, allowing people to move around without having to worry about the impact of the weather.  

The station will be fully accessible, with direct lift connections from platforms to concourses, minimal level changes and a primary concourse on a single level offering various amenities, retail, food and beverage options, to provide comfortable places to dwell for times when timetables are not completely aligned between transport modes. 

Images: Centralny Port Komunikacyjny

Our designers are going to be looking at the efficient use of materials and minimisation of energy consumption

Szymon Kachniarz, CPK